Your car just broke down, you can barely pay your bills, and you need to drive to work. Don’t panic. We’ll show you the ins and outs of quick online auto repair financing below.

When your car breaks down, it’s no joke. There’s never a good time for it, it costs money you don’t have, and it puts your work and personal life on hold while you scramble for a solution.

Even more frustrating — repairs can be expensive, especially for older cars. A survey from says the older and cheaper your car is, the more you’ll pay for repairs and maintenance. And you probably don’t have that money just sitting around to begin with, waiting to be spent.

Relax. Today, there are a few excellent, quick, low-cost options you can use to get back on the road.

If you want to fix now and pay later, auto repair financing could be the right option for you. Read on to learn what auto repair financing is, who it’s for, and how you can use it to get your car working again.

What Is Auto Repair Financing?

Auto repair financing uses credit to pay for car repairs. It can come as a personal loan or a payment plan, and it’s a quick way to get your car fixed. There are mechanics all over the U.S. that accept auto repair financing. In some cases you can even qualify with poor credit and little to no money down.

An auto repair payment plan can make your life easier. You won’t have to scrounge for cash, bug friends and family, or take out a risky loan to get your car fixed. It lets you get your car running again when you don’t have the cash to pay for repairs.

Contrary to what you might think, you can use auto repair financing for more than just fixing a broken-down vehicle. You can use it for preventative maintenance too, like financing new tires.

New Tire Financing

Your tires have a huge impact on safety. If you need new tires, but you can’t afford to replace all four at once, tire financing can help. You can use it to get some brand new, grippy rubber on your car and avoid blowouts, spinouts, low gas mileage and other problems associated with bad tires.

Use EasyPay to Get Your Car Fixed

If your car breaks down or you’re driving with worn out brakes or tires, you don’t have to struggle or put yourself at risk. EasyPay is a great way to fix your car when you have no money, without paying painfully high interest. Let’s break down what EasyPay is and how simple it is to use.

What Is EasyPay?

EasyPay is an auto repair payment plan that connects you with trusted mechanics to help get your car fixed. Whether you need to finance new tires or a major repair, auto repair financing can get you there. All you need to apply for EasyPay are a cell phone, an email address, and a bank account.

How Do You Get Started With EasyPay?

Applying for EasyPay is simple. Just use your desktop or mobile device to follow these steps:

  1. Use EasyPay’s Store Locator tool
  2. Find highly ranked mechanics that accept auto repair financing near you.
  3. Choose a mechanic near you and click Apply.
  4. Fill out the application and see if you’re approved.

Most qualifying applications are funded the same day, so your repairs will be covered right away.

What’s the Best Auto Repair Financing Option?

There are plenty of auto repair financing and payment plans out there, but there’s only one EasyPay. What separates EasyPay from other popular forms of lending?

Clear Contract Terms

First, unlike payday loans or title loans, you get a clear contract that lays out your payments in easy-to-see terms. There are no hidden fees and no excessive interest rates.

Low Risk

EasyPay isn’t a secured loan. Secured loans use your vehicle as collateral, which can give you a good interest rate. However, if you can’t pay, the lender can take your car. Since EasyPay covers repairs of $4,500 and less, you don’t need a secure loan. You don’t even need to make a down payment.


EasyPay is also lightning fast. Unlike with a personal loan, applying for EasyPay only takes a few minutes, and you do it online. Some personal loan lenders may take a few days to process your application, but in most cases with EasyPay you can get your money the same day.

In short, EasyPay helps you get your car fixed fast, with no down payment or credit, and with less risk and hassle than other auto repair financing options. On top of that, if you pay off the contract within 90 days, you can get a full interest rebate.*

Who Benefits Most From Auto Repair Financing?

While anyone can take advantage of quick car repair financing with EasyPay, the service is custom-made for people in certain financial situations. Financing works best for people with no credit history, bad credit, or little to no savings. Here are four kinds of people who can benefit from auto repair financing from EasyPay.

  1. People With Limited Savings

If you have no money in the bank (or only a little) you probably can’t pay for an unexpected repair. Auto repair financing from EasyPay can cover the gap, to get your car working again even when you’re broke.

  1. Savers

Even if you have money in the bank to pay for repairs, getting on a payment plan can be a good choice. Most financial advisors recommend keeping an emergency fund handy so you don’t have to fall back on high-interest debt. Auto repair financing lets you fix your car now and pay later, preserving your savings.

Unlike with other auto repair financing methods, if you pay off an EasyPay contract before 90 days, you can get a full rebate on the interest you paid.* That gives you the flexibility of a fix now and pay later setup while you hang onto your savings.

*with up to a $40 processing fee. Subject to terms and conditions

  1. Those With Bad or No Credit

Financing an auto repair with a personal loan may work for some, but generally you’ll need a high credit score. By contrast, you can qualify for EasyPay with bad or no credit and with no money down. All it takes is a bank account, a phone, and an email address to get approved in minutes.

EasyPay doesn’t check your credit to prequalify, either. That means it won’t hurt your credit score, like some loan-approval credit checks can.

  1. People Who Want Better Credit

Using auto repair financing can improve your credit score. If the payment plan you’re on reports to credit bureaus, they keep a record of how good you are at repaying your loan. If you make your payments on time, that reflects well on how you handle money, and your score will go up.

If you’ve got bad credit, a contract with EasyPay can help you raise your score. Even if you’re just financing new tires, a payment history that shows you can reliably make your payment will help.

Types of Auto Repair Financing

There are several types of auto repair financing today, from EasyPay to personal loans, traditional loans, and credit cards. Let’s look at a rundown of the different ways to get your car fixed with no money.

  • EasyPay: EasyPay comes with a clear contract and lets you get approved in minutes so you can get your car working fast.
  • Personal loans: These require a good credit score and may take longer for approval. They also require a credit check, which can lower your credit score.
  • Title loans / secured loans: A title loan lets you borrow money against the value of your car for 30 days. But if you don’t pay back the money, the lender can take possession of your car.
  • Payday loans: These loans let you borrow against future paychecks. Watch out for hidden fees and high interest, which can be as high as 400%.
  • Credit cards: If your current credit card isn’t maxed out, you can use it to pay for your auto repair. If it is, you can try to apply for a new card with a low introductory rate, but watch out for high interest and long wait times for approval.

The Drawbacks of Personal Loans

Lots of drivers turn to personal loans when a sudden repair looms. But personal loans can take up to 24 hours for approval, which leaves you sitting until at least tomorrow afternoon to get your car fixed. (That’s if the mechanic can fit you in right away after you’re approved.)

Worse, if your credit isn’t high enough, you’ll get denied. And most of us don’t have time to cycle through several personal loan applications for car repair financing before we get a green light. And even if you do get approved, your loan rate will depend on your credit score. If your score is low, you might end up paying more than you want to.

Get Your Car Fixed Now With EasyPay

Chances are good that many high-rated mechanics near you accept auto repair financing. Using EasyPay’s Store Locator tool, you can find the mechanic you need, apply, and in most cases get financing the same day.

Other types of auto repair financing can be slow, irritating, or downright predatory. EasyPay is streamlined and fair, with a clear contract, no hidden fees or penalties, and no wasted time. You know what you’re signing up for in advance.

Stop worrying about paying to fix your car and instead focus on getting where you were going. Apply for EasyPay today.